CCI Trust


CCI Trust trademark refers to a company certified by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) as reliable and meeting the requirements of green/sustainable management

What is the BCCI’s new certification system, the CCI Trust?

The basic aim of BCCI with this service is to help certified businesses in Budapest to access new markets and prove their reliability in the domestic business environment and while creating opportunities for obtaining international chamber certification through the international network of chambers. After a one-year trial period, BCCI introduced the CCI Trust trademark in its final form from November 2023. The system is basically available to voluntary members of BCCI, but is also open to all operating businesses (companies, sole proprietors, associations, foundations), but only if they establish a voluntary membership with the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the trial period.

For businesses with the CCI Trust trademark, it is both a recognition and a recommendation from the Chamber of Commerce, and it also certifies that the business meets the basic requirement of sustainable management and can be classified as a green/sustainable business. The CCI Trust is a trademark, a certificate issued in Hungarian and English, and a seal (logo) that can be displayed on all printed and electronic brochures of the business.

The CCI TRUST trademark

A business that has been certified by the Chamber, i.e. the CCI TRUST trademark, means that the business has been vetted by the Chamber and certifies that it is operating legally, is a trusted member of the Chamber and is engaged in the products and services listed in the company brochure and listed as products or services on its website, flyers or other materials.

The certification mark also certifies that all the websites it claims to own are actually operated by the company or by a party officially authorised by it. In addition, the certificate and stamp is also confirmation of the BCCI's ability and willingness to pay, and is a testimony of reliability in the business area reviewed by the BCCI, and also confirms that it is doing its best to meet the basic requirements of sustainable business.

The qualification is free of charge for the initial first year for volunteer members of BCCI with regular membership, but is subject to registration and they must follow its rules and the registration procedure in all respects.

The CCI TRUST is a basic qualification system accepted and guaranteed by the BCCI, in which the Qualifier Board appointed by the Chamber carries out the screening of the applicant companies and the validation of the results.

How does the certification work?

The CCI TRUST trademark is issued annually and reviewed every year in accordance with the rules adopted by the BCCI. For the review or renewal, re-registration is not required, only a declaration that the company wishes to continue to be the owner of the CCI Trust trademark. In the certification process, the Qualifier Board will examine the registration form submitted at the time of registration, as well as the following official documents and information requested or otherwise publicly available:

  1. Registry court order, sole proprietorship registration, specimen signature of the obligatory document relating to the company's activities (e.g. deed of association, amendments thereto, licences for the headquarter, establishment, branch and business premises, licence to carry on business, if required, etc.).
  2. NAV 0 certification i.e. proof of financial background free of public debt. A separate certificate is required if the company is not on the publicly available list of NAV.
  3. The existence of financial statements - not necessarily positive - and of course a company or sole proprietor that is not required to prepare a balance sheet can also qualify. In the case of an enterprise that is not required to prepare a balance sheet, the Chamber's form replaces the balance sheet. A related condition is that the enterprise must have been registered with the Chamber for at least one year. The submission of a publicly available balance sheet is of course not required.
  4. Organised voluntary chamber membership at the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  5. Details of the headquarters: location, address, phone number
  6. Website(s), email adress(es)
  7. Consumer protection background of the Chamber (registrations, damage claims, court monitoring), negative certificate of the Conciliation Board based on the statement of the member appointed to the Qualifier Board
  8. A statement on the sustainable and environmentally responsible approach and management of the company in the registration formCCI Trust Companys


CCI Trust Companys