Document certification

Document certification

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Document Certification Office provides signed certificates of authenticity of export-related documents used in foreign trade, such as certificates of origin, invoices, phytosanitary and veterinary certificates, bill of ladings, packing lists, as well as non-accompanying documents that do not require ministerial or embassy authentication by legalization .The Document Certification Office also issues ATA Carnet and CPD carnet customs documents, which significantly simplify the temporary admission of goods into a third country.

In order to receive information on the need for embassy or ministry authentication by legalization, please contact the embassy or consulate of the country of use accredited in Hungary, the relevant authority of the country of use or the foreign partner.

For more information on authentication by legalization procedure for the of Hungarian documents, please visit the website of the Consular Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.

More information on document certification can be found on our Hungarian website.