Voluntary Membership

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry builds a business community and welcomes businesses that wish to be active members of the economic life and future of the capital city of Budapest and to participate in advocacy and lobbying for the collective interests of businesses. You can find out about the conditions for becoming a member, the benefits of voluntary membership and how to terminate your membership in the sections below.

Joining the BCCI voluntary membership

Article 10 of the BCCI Statutes provides for the establishment of membership. Membership is open to any business organisation with a registered office in Hungary that is not subject to liquidation proceedings. Registration shall be refused if the Chamber has previously excluded the business entity from membership on the grounds of repeated or serious breach of its obligations as a member and if 1 year has not elapsed since the decision of exclusion or, in the event of judicial review, since the judgment became final.

To become a member, the following documents shall be submitted:

1. a completed membership application form, duly signed,

2. specimen signature.

The entry form must be completed in all boxes. Exception: if the company has no premises or branch office.

In accordance with point 10.4 of the Statutes, all members of the Chamber belong to one of the divisions and electoral classes. The prospective member may apply to be assigned to a division or class on the basis of its certified principal activity. The NACE structure and the class structure laid down by the BCIC Presidency can be accessed HERE and HERE respectively, which can be used as a basis for completing the relevant boxes of the entry form. The Statutes also provide for the possibility to request classification in a division or electoral class other than the one corresponding to the main activity. In this case, the NACE number chosen from among the real activities of the enterprise and the name of the corresponding electoral class must be entered in the box.

In addition to the senior executive officer, a member, an employee, a shareholder, an assisting family member may also act as a representative at the Chamber. Several persons may be designated at the same time.

The form of taxation shall also be indicated, as the BCCI takes this into account when calculating the membership fee.

Declaration of membership

After the submission of the above documents, the membership fee will be calculated. The Membership Fee Regulations are available HERE.

Registration in the register of members is completed after payment of the membership fee.

The member will receive a certificate of full membership.

In case of voluntary membership, please pay the membership fee to the following account number:

Account number: MBH Bank 10102086-02614502-02000000

IBAN International Account Number: HU71-10102086-02614502-02000000

Financing member

A legal person who is not subject to the Act on Business Associations (Gtv.), a foreign legal person and an individual over the age of eighteen who applies for membership of the Chamber as a financing member may become one. A financing member shall be registered in the Register of Members of the Chamber as a financing member and shall pay a fixed fee of HUF 10 000. He/she may participate in the meetings of the Chamber's divisions and classes and in the General Assembly of Delegates, but may not be elected to any office in the Chambers and shall not have the right to vote or enjoy any other benefits of membership.

Financing membership application form for individuals

Financing membership application form for legal persons

A member who is already registered is entitled to apply for reclassification to another electoral class by 31 December each year, with effect from 1 January of the year following the year in which the registration is made.

The application for reclassification is available HERE.

Termination of membership

The Statutes of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry provide for the termination of membership as follows:

11.1 Membership of the Chamber shall cease if

a) the member ceases to exist without legal succession, or, if the member is a sole proprietor, also if the sole proprietor ceases to have the right to carry on a business;

b) the member terminates the membership by written notice of withdrawal, in which case the membership shall cease on the last day of the calendar year;

c) the membership is terminated by the Chamber;

(d) the Chamber shall exclude the member from membership for repeated or serious breach of the obligations of membership.

The terminated member shall be deleted from the register of members

(a) on the date of termination without legal succession or on the date of termination of the right to conduct business;

(b) in the case of withdrawal, on the last day of the calendar year;

c) in the case of termination, with effect from the day following the expiry of the 30-day notice period;

(d) in the case of exclusion, from the date on which the decision becomes final.

In the cases specified in the Statutes, the entity shall notify the BCCI in writing of any termination under point (a), enclosing the final decision or the information notice on the termination of the self-employed activity. The intention to terminate membership under point (b) may be notified by completing, signing and sending the following declaration by the person entitled to do so. The above declaration is not the only acceptable form. It may be submitted in free text form, in which the business enterprise communicates its intention, but the criterion is that the content of the declaration must show the intention to terminate membership, be signed by the person entitled to do so (company registrar, sole proprietor, natural person who is a member of a political party) and be sent to the BCCI by 31 December of the year in question. The latter is also a compulsory condition for the completion of the form.

Membership termination declaration